Donate to the Objector Church

The church is kicking off our founding fund drive. We urgently need your help in order to establish a ministry of peace to support objection to war and militarism. We’ve set a modest goal of $5,000 in order to cover the costs of establishing our church and putting it on a path to success. Please consider joining our Founder’s Circle of Friends today. If you’re still on the fence, maybe our introduction might help.

To donate by mail, send check or money order to:

484 Lake Park Ave #41
Oakland CA 94610 USA

Checks payable to either “Objector Church” or “Courage to Resist”

We’re a nonprofit (IRC Section 501c3) religious organization, EIN 83-1810568. Your charitable donations are tax-deductible. The Objector Church’s formal legal name is Church of Conscious Objection.