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Due to requests from some of our donors, we are now accepting donations of cryptocoins to help fund our work.

We do this with some degree of reservation about the well-documented environmental concerns regarding the use of cryptocurrency, however, we also know that all use of currency has “collateral damage” (one could argue that the US military-industrial complex is a central driver in the global US dollar economy) and that there is no perfect way to collect donations in our capitalist system. Notwithstanding these concerns, we do encourage anyone who is considering getting involved cryptocoins to look for forms of blockchain technology that have the least negative environmental impact.

We currently can accept the following cryptocoins (with more coming very soon):


Attention #Dogecoin enthusiasts — You may be able to lower your income tax bill by giving some of your dogecoins to us at the Objector Church for our work in promoting religious humanism but also our work (through Courage To Resist) to defend the rights of conscientious objectors, war resisters and military whistleblowers.

To make a donation, you can send them to this address through your favorite Dogecoin wallet or exchange: DGredfgcgAwoX92NamgrgtsTXY1WUQpkDk

Or you can use this QR code with your dogecoin wallet app:

NEW: Donate Dogecoin to - DOGECOIN Payment Address: DGredfgcgAwoX92NamgrgtsTXY1WUQpkDk

After you make your donation, email us at hello(at)objector(dot)church to let us know you have made your donation so we can send your receipt for your donation. When you do this, please be sure and let us know how many DOGECOINS you have donated, the date of the donation and ideally the blockchain locator, so we can confirm your donation on our records.

For more information on the tax implications of donating cryptocoins, you should talk to your tax professional or you may want to check out this website:

According to the article linked above, many can benefit by donating cryptocoins to a 501(c)3 organization such as the Objector Church, as the gift is considered to be a “non-taxable event” per IRS rules. Which means that if you bought DOGECOIN at less than a penny and then donate them when they are worth 30 cents or more, you won’t have to pay capitol gains tax that you would normally have to pay if you had instead just cashed out the DOGECOIN.